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Eight things you can connect to Wi-Fi or control via Bluetooth to better manage your home (or to have fun).

For just over a month in Italy you can buy a home helper - that is Google Home or Google Home Mini - but for those who would like to have a slightly "smarter" home, as they say, with a greater number of objects connected to a Wi-Fi network and manageable with a smartphone, there are various possibilities. Until May 13, some of the products with which you can make your home "smarter" are discounted on Amazon, so we put together a small list of reports that may be useful: the items on offer instead you can find them here.
Light bulbs connected
They are LED bulbs that connect to the Wi-Fi network at home and in this way can be controlled - be switched on or off, but also change color - from an Application. They are still quite expensive, although LEDs last more than 15 years using them in a normal way and they consume little energy, but they are also one of those technologies that you get used to after a while. Things that only the "smart" light bulbs allow you to do: turn on and off the light without getting up when you are in bed or on the sofa; turn off the lights downstairs or upstairs without taking the stairs; turn on the lights at home all together when you hear a suspicious noise at night. But more than this, "smart" light bulbs are funny.
According to Wirecutter, the reliable review site of the New York Times, the best light bulbs among those that can be connected are those of the Philips Hue system, which for now is the one that most easily connects to many different devices and operating systems . But it is quite expensive: the starting kit, which includes 3 E27 bulbs in addition to a remote control and especially the "bridge", that is the device that allows you to connect up to 50 light bulbs to the Wi-Fi, costs about 165 euros. The system is compatible with both Google Home and Apple Home. If the investment seems reasonable, know that the same system can be connected to various types of light bulbs, spotlights, portable lamps, ceiling lights and LED strips.
This review of the Philips Hue system is a bit prolix, but allows you to understand how to use it:




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